Derek Gelsthorpe – OO – Transition era, local to Mansfield

The village of rowthorne lies on the border of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire between Mansfield and chesterfield.

The line was a mineral line servicing the local collieries’; the duke of Devonshire paid the midland railway to build a station at rowthorne for his own private use, which is very close to Hardwick hall where the duke lived at that time. But was never used. This station would have been quite extravagant.

Although the station on rowthorne is not typical of that region, I have not been able to find any photos to model too. I used the stone wills kit version, which gives a country atmosphere.

There was a tunnel at the north end of the station, which has long gone. This was used to store ammunition after the closure of the line in the late 1930s.

The layout started out in life as a 9-foot end-to-end exhibit, then an extra two-foot was added with a hidden fiddle. Now its length is16 foot x 4foot 8-inch, it also can be used as a continuous layout.

Rowthorne was in the 2009 Xmas edition of railway modeller and the accompanied DVD as the 9-foot version.rowthorne is also mentioned in Nigel abams latest book “more layouts for limited spaces”

This layout is car transportable and one man operational, although help is required at busy times.

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