Outon Road

Outon Road

Cavan Millward, OO, 80’s/90’s Diesel – Much extended for 2012

Outon Road was born of an idea to create a small easily transported layout/diorama that  could be exhibited and also use as a backdrop for photographing stock. The RMweb 2010 challenge gave an excuse and some criteria to work to.  Settling on a 4 feet by 1 and a half feet scenic section (864 square inches) with two 3 foot by 6 inch fiddle yards, one at each end (432 square inches) the total when the fiddle yards are attached is a mear 1296 square inches, well below the required 2010 maximum! As a keen modeller of the late 80’s and early 90’s I once again didn’t stray far from my roots  – modelling for most of us (certainly for me) is an escapism and the railways of my youth were where my heart lies. Much the same way that the previous generations built their steam based layouts saying ‘those were the days, those mucky diesels just don’t have the character of steam engines’, I now find myself saying the same of the class 37’s, 47’s and 56’s of the last days of BR. I personally find little enthusiasm for the latest scene with the universal class 66’s and endless DMU’s/EMU’s, which is a shame (single tear falls). Anyway I digress. A little chunk of the1990’s will be immortalised by Outon Road.

For more info on Outon Road see Cavan’s topic on RMweb here

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