Coney Hill Light Railway – O Gauge – David Rae


The Coney Hill Light Railway is a small Gauge 0 layout inspired by the Derwent Valley Light Railway east of York, notable for its attractive timber buildings and grass-covered track. It used the same engineer and buildings contractor. Coney is an old word for rabbit in the district – how many conies can you see on the layout?

Coney Hill, like real light railways, makes extensive use of recycled materials such as baseboards, track, electrics and card to show that ‘thrifty modelling’ in Gauge 0 is possible. The aim was to build a small layout as a test and display track and to develop practice and confidence in Gauge 0. The track layout is very simple with just three points. There is a short narrow gauge mineral line running from the station to a mine. Locomotives and stock typical of aYorkshirelight railway in the 1930’s are used.


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