Coombe Rock & Minerals – On30 – Brian Mosby

Coombe Rock is set in Arizona’s Monument Valley in the early 1900’s

Think of all those old cowboy films

Coombe Rock is An alternative name for a solifluction gravel Which is a heterogeneous, unsorted mixture of angular rock fragments in a matrix of clay or silt. Many such gravels form featureless spreads at the foot of higher ground, but they can take fan-like forms

In 1892 Close to one of the Bute large deposits of Platinum, Gold  &  Radium was found in the Coombe Rock So over the next 10 years the  town of Coombe Rock grew up to house the workers & a railway was built to take the gravels away to be processed the line was also extended so that the line to the deposits became a branch line which left the main line at the town of Coombe Rock

The buildings on the layout are laser cut MDF the stock is both RTR, kit & scratch built

the rocks were built from pink insulation foam coated in coloured plaster



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