Newton Parcels – N Gauge – Mike Warburton

My new layout is designed for exhibitions and I feel a small amount of back story may help here. Having been inspired by the brilliant designs (and one OO layout in particular) of Hugh Flynn, I realised that I could design a layout that could realistically run nearly all of my stock on in a small space. My predominant interest is the 1980s, as that is what I travelled on as a child with my Dad and therefore HSTs and other longer expresses are a must for me.

Thanks to Hugh, I realised that you can very easily only have a power car and a coach or 2 ‘on scene’ and then run them off again. Obvious in retrospect, but there we are….

Having designed a new layout I contact several professional baseboard/layout builders to make the board and possibly lay the track for me. My excuse, and I’m sticking to it, is that I tend to work very long days and I much prefer tinkering with stock than I do building layouts in my spare time.

However, after considering the financial aspect of such a purchase, I put in a cheeky bid and won a layout  on a well known internet based auction site. Not exactly what I was after, Still, hey ho, I couldn’t pass up the price of the layout I had bought.

The track as it stands is in code 80 electrofrog, so isn’t quite setrack (which I wanted to get away from). The expanded sidings will be in code 55.

In order to run what I want, the theory is that this is a small parcels depot which lies alongside a major station & BR maintenance depot (I like to think of it as being squeezed into Doncaster Yard West, except not location specific!). It has a small maintenance shed (Scenecraft, although I’ve scratch built some of the other structures) which houses a shunter and is occasionally used for smaller exams when the main (off scene) depot is full. The depot quite happily uses the parcels station for storing stock, when needed. The extra 2 roadsl see HSTs and other trains being stabled outside the station, allowing me to give the illusion of longer trains.

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