Brenton Midland – OO – David Page

Brenton Midland


David Page – Colin Woolley – Alex Trafford

Brenton Midland is located on an East Midlands cross country route, its main features are a three platform station with modernised entrance buildings, and a recently developed private distribution Depot. The periods are depicted are either the 1990’s or from 2000 to the present day. Emphasis is placed on running trains prototypically and the sequence represents a typical day. Control is either by digital DCC using NCE equipment or analogue DC or a combination of both. Stock is a variety of weathered r-t-r, kit and scratch built items. Pointwork is operated by Tortoise, Seep, and servo motors, electronically controlled via MERG Accessory modules, relays and is interlocked to colour light signals. Scenic items, such as the warehouse and disused railway bridge are mainly scratch built and enhanced with Woodland Scenics, Forest in a Box, and many different weathering techniques.


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