Furtwangen Ost – German N – Les Richardson

Furtwangen Ost

The idea behind this N-gauge layout is to show light railways and tramways typical of the Black

Forest area. Furtwangen is a town in the Black Forest region of Germany, home to the Deutsches
Uhrenmuseum (German Clock Museum). Faller’s factory is about 5 miles to the West. The
Breghtalbahn was a light railway, closed in the seventies, which linked Furtwangen to
Donaueschingen, to the South West. This is about where reality ends. Although the real Furtwangen
looks nothing like this most of the buildings are local, including four from the town itself.
In this reality the Bregtalbahn didn’t close, and a modern tramway extension has been built from
Freiburg. At the Eastern edge ofthe town centre is a new tram stop “Furtwangwen Ost” above a new
platform built for the railway. To the right the local brewery is cut in half by a new tramway incline.
Modern articulated trams squeeze through arches at both ends of the layout, and contrast with the
diesels shunting the loading dock, railbuses and the occasional vintage train .

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