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Karolina Falls




A gold prospector discovered the falls in the mid 1800s and named them after his wife “Karolina” .He carried on with his long quest for gold and found a rich seam .He persuaded investors to build the railway which bridged the ravine in front of the falls. The gold soon ran out, so then he turned to logging to keep the investors happy.

With logging trains passing the falls every day people got to hear about the falls, so he decided at weekends to attach a carriage to back of a train and started taking visitors to the falls. To cope with demand he took a gamble and built the station shortly followed by the saloon and general store. Logging and tourism were running hand in hand .Business was good so he built a small bank, paid off the investors and made himself sheriff.

Years went by logging dwindled but the family wouldn’t let the railway die!

Karolina features a real waterfall 2000/lph cascading into the ravine below. The layout is a basic oval with a passing loop in the station and 4 track traverser in the fiddle yard .The layout measures 8ft x6ft 6, is self supporting and is rcd protected.

My previous layout Avyn-a-llyin is still touring and i hope to have the same success with Karolina !

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