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Roanoke Roundhouse


Roanoke Roundhouse : HO American transition period late 1950s

The Norfolk & Western Railway (N&W) was the last Class A railroad in America to operate steam locomotives. Dieselisation was not complete until 1959. ‘Roanoke Roundhouse’ is loosely based on Schaffer’s Crossing loco servicing facility in Roanoke, Virginia, in the late 1950s. The rosta is mostly steam but some early diesels have made their appearance. The landmark Miller’s Star is visible on the hillside beyond the roundhouse.

The layout is made up of four sections with a total area of 11×4 feet. One of the sections is behind a scenic end board and is used for locomotive storage. The track is Peco code 83.

The structures are mostly Walther’s Cornerstone kits. The turntable is 130′ (large enough even for a ‘Big Boy’). The roundhouse has 12 roads. There is a machine shop alongside for heavier repairs. The coaling tower can service 3 roads. A separate diesel depot houses the latest motive power arrivals.

 The current rosta consists of 12 steam locomotives and 5 diesels. Control is by Lenz DCC.

Visiting locos (DCC) and engineers are welcome.

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