Lagganmoor – N gauge – David Harrison


Lagganmoor is a fictitious location in Monarch-of-The-Glen country envisaged to be on a double track section of what was the Highland Railway south of Aviemore where together with The Great North of Scotland Railway a mutual venture during pre-grouping era created a repair depot for the use of both companies.

This remained by courtesy of the local Laird so long as a rail link to his distillery existed alongside a platform for the local residents and visiting gentry to arrive for ‘The Glorious Twelfth’.

‘The Big House’ is a representation of ‘Ardverikie House’ on Loch Laggan with the snow-capped Cairngorms in the background.

Trackwork is Peco code 80 with insulfrog points operated by Seep motors.

The buildings are predominately Graham Farish with the distillery utilised from the Oak Hill Brewery Range, the malt house roofs were ideal for the purpose.

Colour lights, yard, platform and building lights all were supplied by Layouts4U. The colour light signals are automatic and relays were supplied by ModelEx.

Locomotives and rolling stock are a mixture of Graham Farish, Dapol and Peco stock straight out of the box. Control is via a Gaugemaster Prodigy Advance DCC system.

The magnificent backscene (I’m sure you will agree) was painted by an award winning artist using acrylic paints. (Details of artist available on request).

See if you can find ‘BIG ERIC’

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