Tummel 8 – O – Allan Parker

Caley tanks

As a  lifelong Scottish Railway enthusiast I have named all my layouts Tummel as no railway ran there so I am on fairly safe ground.

The plan is based extremely loosely on that at Banff at the end of the branch from Tillynaught on the  Banff, Portsoy and Strathisla Railway on the Murray Firth.

Trackwork is standard Peco and the motors are fired by a Gaugemaster D which seems to work ok for me..

The trainshed, station house, signal box and locoshed are again all in a similar vein to Banff. These are built from foam card and covered in plaster bandage, Polyfilla and then carved to shape.

As can be seen by the locos, the period is very near the end of steam, however, I have retained a cattle dock purely to run my varied selection of cattle vans. Coaches are KIRK and are two of which  ran on the branch . A HR  TPO puts in an appearance occasionally just to show it off. As Banff itself was a coastal fishing town, several fish vans are generally in the area.

The cattle lorry is an unaltered Spot-on with a scratch built back and the Scammel and Austin Loadstar are ones that were at Banff at that time.

Loco stock is ex Caley and BR Standards, mostly based on Keith shed 61C, 78054 and 78045 being the last to operate the service..

It is built mainly as a toy to shunt my cattle and fish vans around  and I realise it is not a scale model by any stretch of the imagination, so please be gentle when asking questions..

Please see the sheet on the sector plate blind concerning the cattle saga.

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