Wingfield Junction – OO – David Down & Geoff Barker – Wingfield Railway Group


The BIG layout is Wingfield Junction, a massive 24ft OO gauge fictitious cross-country route set in the North Midlands in the 1950s/60s. Main line trains include a variety of express, cross-country and local passenger services together with a mixture of freight traffic passing through. Built by the Midland Railway at the end of the 19th century, some of the original Midland character remains in the form of station buildings, fittings, some lineside notices and other relics.

The Junction provides a branch line with local passenger services to adjoining towns and villages. On the board the branch line also provides access to a loco shed, small goods yard and the world famous Wingfield Brewery. Further up the line, off the board, another spur off the branch is being turned into a preserved steam railway, which is becoming increasingly popular with excursion trains from all over the country, as well as preserved traffic in and out. The branch also serves a small steel works with coal and iron ore trains going in and steel-ingot trains and empties departing

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