Avyn-A-Llyin is an 009 narrow gauge layout in an L shape with the public looking in the inside of the L. from the left is a hill with a ruined castle which is now part of a golf course. The hill slopes down to the village centre and several of the houses have thatched roofs. from the village and onto the other leg of the L is the 4 track pier approx 15″ long overlooking the beach scene which has approx 200 figures on. This part causes many comments by the public asking how we did the beach, often touching the sea to check if it is real water. Many exhibition managers have also commented on the beach scene as well.
There are 2 separate rail circuits that are not connected. The idea is that whilst there could be shunting on the lower circuit, there is alway a train running on the upper circuit, so something is happening all the time

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