Ardmore – N – Derek Gelsthorpe


ARDMORE is an n gauge layout.3ft x 3ft, made inside a bedroom ottoman box. The lid was removed which forms the rear section which holds the stock. The box stands on its own legs and lighting is of multiple leds. The track is fine scale 12inch radius with one set of points to the front leading into a coal/builders merchant siding.

Two sets of points to the rear which are hidden.

Shunting sequence is possible with electro magnet uncouples.

Viewing is from the front and operating can be 360 degrees.

Blue diesels are used with various trucks and a dmu passenger service. The two hidden sidings at the rear of the box holds the stock.

I chose the name Ardmore after a whiskey from Scotland. Although totally fictional, I have tried to give a slight Scottish atmosphere to the layout.

It has its own lighting and 13amp power supply. Supported by legs so no tables are required.

Although only 3ft x 3ft, operating area should be 4ft x 4ft to give safe clearance.

Scenery is foam covered in pva soaked newspaper, when dried ground stone from the yungfau mountain of Switzerland is thrown by hand onto the glue.

Colour signals are fitted to the tunnel entrance, and semaphore signals to the bridge.

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