Child Friendly layout – OO – Ian Wigglesworth

Ian says;

Sometime ago, reading one of the forums I came across this:

“Just got back from the WHOLE day at the show, we were reasonably pleased with the layouts present although, many of them seemed a long way off what I remember exhibition standards used to be, but it is around 7-8 years since I last attended a Model show, I enjoyed the trade presence and found lots of little goodies but no major purchases.

One last thing, my 11 year old son has just summed his day up with ” Really enjoyed it Dad, but not sure I will go again, totally “fed up” (not the words he really used ) of being pushed out of the way by Ignorant Smelly Old Men”.

Now that got me thinking and It really did hit home how inconsiderate some people can be.

So I thought about making a layout just for the kids, as most exhibitions I’ve been to if they don’t supply a box for them to stand on they can’t even see the layout!

This is Ian’s third such layout and for the first time it’s OO gauge. As well as letting the kids have a go at driving the trains it also serves as a good example of how to progress a basic “trackmat” oval into something more scenic 🙂



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