Duncan’s Mine II – HO – Steve & Jean Grantham


DUNCAN’S MINE 2 – HO/3.5mm – Steve & Jean Grantham
The layout is meant to represent a small mine loading pocket located in Chippewa County of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, USA. Mining has been a significant
industry in the area where copper, iron and coal have been extracted.
Duncanʼs Mine is meant to show the transport of an (unspecified) ore from the mine itself, which is handily located off the board and to the outside world. Incoming traffic is in the form of supplies, mining equipment and fuel.
There are mine-owned locos that shift the cars around the site and a mix of road locos that move cars to and from the rest of the network.
The structures on the layout come from various sources including the well-known firm of Scratchbuild and Bodgitt. Locos are Roundhouse, Bachmann, Atlas and the Proto range. Freight cars are from the regular US manufacturers. Track is Micro Engineering code 70.
For those of you thinking you have seen the layout before, there was an an earlier incarnation, called, imaginatively, Duncan’s Mine 1.

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