Kirkby Stephen West – OO – Ian McDonald/Martin Wright

Returning to Mansfield is Kirkby Stephen West

An actual location on the Settle and Carlisle line.

This layout depicts the above location in the period 1955 to 1964, which covers the early part of the transition period from Steam to Diesel traction.

All track in the scenic area is SMP type ‘J’ code 75 nickel silver. Points in the scenic area are all Marcway and are operated by the switch and rod method.

All track and points in the non-scenic area is Peco code 100, with points operated by Peco point motors. Road selection is via a diode matrix, which, by pressing one button sets all the points for the road required. Stock is a mixture of kit built, scratch built and ‘Ready to run’ items.

As the Settle and Carlisle was used extensively as a testing ground for many locos, particularly the early diesels we have the opportunity to legitimately run stock which would not normally be seen on this line. All the principle stuctures are scratch built. The signal box is a Ratio kit conversion. The Scenic walls for the fields are a Javis product. The four signals on the layout are all operational, these are controlled using Fulgurex slow action point motors. The station building and platform lights, Waiting shelter, Signal box and goods shed are illuminated with a mixture of Grain of Wheat bulbs or LED’s. The campfire at the end of the layout has an Express Models fire simulation module and a Seuthe smoke developer unit installed.

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